KOSS-12 Hardware and software suite for the analysis of microwave signals

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KOSS-12 Hardware and software suite for the analysis of microwave signals

Range of application:

  • Hardware and software suite "KOSS-12" is intended for the analysis of the microwave signals with PM, QAM in radio systems in the range of 1 - 40 GHz.

Functional features:

  • wide range of input signals;
  • wide set of the analyzed parameters;
  • digital signal processing;
  • software support.

Features of construction:

  • The high cost of a resource of a radio channel forces developers of communication systems to apply difficult laws of modulation on a phase and amplitude (like multiposition PM, QAM) with additional truncation of a range of signals. As a result signals get rather difficult structure that interferes with control of work of radio systems. Even more difficult is a problem of tracking active subscribers in the set part of a radio-frequency range demanding high-speed process of an identification of signals among rather wide class of working parameters, admissible with a simultaneous assessment.

  • In the hardware and software suite "KOSS-12" the implemented original method of the removed measurements allowing to allocate sites in which a component of transition process it is weakened is realized. The subsequent processing is conducted on the basis of the traditional methods which are based on formation the statistician invariant concerning shift of the bearing frequency and value of an initial phase of a signal.

Composition of a hardware and software suite:

Hardware and software suite "KOSS-12" consists of:
  • a set of UHF converters,
  • microwave receiver,
  • ADC module,
  • The PC processing of measurement.
KOSS-12 Hardware and software suite

Structure of a hardware and software suite:

Replaceable converters transfer entrance signals from the range of 1 - 40 GHz to the first intermediate frequency. The receiver provides control on frequency, amplification, a filtration of stray and transfer of a wave range of 40 MHz on the intermediate frequency of 140 MHz.  The ADC module carries out shift of the chosen wave range of frequencies to zero frequency, a conclusion in a quadrature, transformation of components of I, Q to a digital form and input to memory of PC.
The software carries out the processing of digitized signals and provides:

  • visual analysis of the waveforms on the time axis (the mode “Oscilloscope”);
режим “Осциллограф”

  • visual analysis of the waveforms on the frequency axis (mode “Spectrum analyzer”);
режим “Анализатор спектра”

  • the display of an amplitude – phase constellation of the received signal;
Амплитудно – фазовое созвездие принимаемого сигнала

  • automatic detection of signal parameters:
      - recognition of modulation type of signals PM-2, PM-4, PM-4s, PM-8, QAM-16, QAM-32, QAM-64, QAM-128 
        (in expanded execution - FHSS, AM, FM, MSK, GMSK);
     - the definition of data rate in the range of 155.5 Mbps;
     - determining the exact values of the carrier frequency error of 1 kHz;
     - measurement of the ratio signal/noise ratio with an error of 0.1 dB.
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