Equipment broadband microwave oven of communication

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Equipment broadband microwave oven of communication

Purpose of the equipment broadband UHF of communication:

  • transfer of a video stream according to the STANAG 4609 standard with resolution level to 0220b (high resolution);
  • duplex exchange of digital data in the mode of the lowered power.

Functional features:

  • it is intended for transfer / reception of video personnel information in the microwave oven range;
  • the modem with an iterative block turbo codec is a part of the equipment;
  • use of the protected from hindrances ideo codec allows to carry out recognition of a video information at distortion to 50%
    of the accepted blocks, with compression coefficient to 8;
  • speed of data exchange and power of the transmitter changes is adaptive depending on a condition of the route;
  • the built-in device of cryptoprotection of data "Krypton M-526" is used;
  • there is a possibility of work with external devices of encoding.

Technical features:

  • speed of an exchange of digital data – 11,24 Mbps;
  • synchronization of the modem at the relations signal/noise – to minus 12 dB;
  • completeness of delivery of information in the duplex mode – 100%;
  • the probability of a bit error in the simplex mode – isn't worse 10-6;
  • decrease feeder length – 30 m;
  • options of execution of structure: the modem – the hardware-software codec: 
 hardware and software;

data transmission system
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